Marc Leffler

When you need to bring a magical golden compass to life on a brass budget, this is the team to do it.

Crafton Beck

Philip and Tom are truly the professionals’ professionals. In a single stroke they have put our entire media campaign two levels higher. They transformed our product into something fresh, relevant, exciting and new


TASTE OF INDIA SEPTEMBER TV CommercialWritten by & staring: Lily GarretsonDirected by Nina Parik & Philip Scarboroughshot & edited by Philip ScarboroughProduced by Nina Parikh

Planet Weekly

03′ Planet Weekly Tv SpotProduction: © 2012 Spot On Productions, LLC

2012 Crossroads Film Festival

Copywriter: Beth KanderMusic: Sam WatsonProducer: Chris MyersDirected by: Philip Scarborough/Tom BeckEditor: Philip ScarboroughHomeless Prophet – Richard LawrenceProduction: © 2012 Spot On Productions, LLC