Craig West

The Spot On Productions team provides a fresh, creative approach to client work, and their talents and professionalism are evident throughout the production process. Our agency has always been extremely satisfied with their award-winning work.

Billy Browne

You gotta love working with SpotOn. No production drama and damn fine work. If you want drama, write it in your copy.

Jeff Pedigo

I’ve been working with the Spot On team for more than 20 years. You can always count on them to bring a unique point of view and wild enthusiasm to every project, and the result is always that much better for it.

Tanya Rankin

The Spot On team are talented and creative professionals who are easy to work with, have fresh ideas and the technical experience and ability to execute whatever it takes to get the job done.

Jeff Good

May I vigorously recommend Tom and Philip for your next project. Together, they pack very powerful punch. They have never disappointed. They don’t B.S. their way through it.