Michael Beattie

Spot On is creative, thoughtful, flexible and they go the extra mile.

Lynda Lesley

The guys at Spot On are some of the most creative and conscientious director/ producers I’ve worked with in my over 3 decades in the business. I never have to worry whether my concept will come across as I’ve envisioned. Matter of fact, it often is beyond...

Carol Mann

Very talented, detail-oriented creative director/producer of all genres of video broadcast. They will make sure your project is “Spot-On’ and gets the results you need for success.

Reilly Morse

Polished work, reasonably priced, reliable, gifted. 2 thumbs up.

Dawn Dugle

It is not often you find filmmakers who can take a limited budget and create a cinematic masterpiece. Spot On has that rare combination of vision and practicality that make them a great partner for B2B clients. They also champions for Mississippi and all of the great...

Marc Leffler

When you need to bring a magical golden compass to life on a brass budget, this is the team to do it.